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How to Grow Cannabis for the Best End Results

Cannabis sativa is planted widely as its leaves have some chemicals that have effects on the body that are employed for its uses. Cannabis is used for both recreation and medicinal purposes depending on the organ of the body it acts on and how. Cannabis acts on parts of the brain to bring about its recreational functioning, it will act on the right frontal lobe to cause laughter. Cannabis use as a medicinal drug also targets different systems and organs, to treat glaucoma go instance, it targets the intraocular pressure. Growing marijuana requires that specific steps be followed if the produce gas to be abundant and quality.

The first step towards growing marijuana is proper selection of seeds, marijuana feminized seeds should be used and not the male seeds. If you never knew, marijuana bushes are either male or female, the female ones are preferred as they have much more quality buds than the male bushes. Using all female seeds is further encouraged as a weed garden that has both male and female plants has a lower produce. Female only plantation of cannabis is more suitable for high produce but a mixed plantation lowers leave production at the expense of seed production as a result of occurrence of fertilization.

As it is in any other crops, marijuana needs to be cultivated on fertile soils for the best health and production. All nutrients required by crops should be available in the soil where cannabis is grown as a deficiency of these nutrients leads production of low quality or small sized leaves especially if the missing nutrients is a nitrate. Provision of quality and unlimited light ensures better health and production by marijuana. Photosynthesis is a process that does not occur in absence of light, a plant that does not carry out this process is as good as dead.
Photosynthesis is so crucial because it is the process that enables conversation of carbon dioxide and water into sugars or glucose that are essential for the growth and reproduction of the plants.

For marijuana to thrive it needs to be grown in line with its optimal temperature requirements that are roughly 24?C. To grow marijuana in areas that have temperatures that are not in line with its optimal temperature requirements, indoor planting can be practiced so that heaters and air conditioners can be used to regulate the temperature. Air ventilation should also be at optimum where the plant is grown indoors to prevent molding that could be fatal to users of the drug, ventilation is maintained by use of fans in this case. Correct humidity levels are very important to the plant at different stages, it should be reduced greatly during flowering to prevent molding.

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